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What our clients say...

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Majestic Wine Design of multi-device e-commerce website

Majestic Wine website
Majestic Wine website
Majestic Wine website
Majestic Wine website
Majestic Wine website
Majestic Logo Intershop Logo

Majestic engaged us as their Creative Partner to work with Javelin Group (Europe’s leading e-commerce systems integrator) on the design of their new e-commerce website (running on Intershop 7). The key objective of the project was to deliver an improved shopping experience for all their customer persona's across all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).

“profound provided the creative for a major web redevelopment for Majestic. As a major project, we were impressed at how profound approached the range of design challenges the project presented.

They took time to learn about and understand our brand, had a good instinct for e-commerce, and were clear in which areas merited the greatest attention to detail.”

Richard Weaver, E-Commerce Director, Majestic Wine.

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Protyre Web & Mobile e-commerce platform designed & built for Azure

Protyre website
Protyre website
Protyre website
Protyre Logo Microsoft Azure Logo

Protyre wanted to change the game for buying tyres and booking MOT’s & Servicing online.

By delivering a connected web & mobile digital experience with real-time stock & fitting bay availability profound helped Protyre connect customers to tyres available for fitting today and to directly book MOT & servicing based on real availability at their 70 centres nationwide delivering a 10-fold increase in revenue & profit from the same number of visitors.

“What we've seen over the year is a significant increase in the revenue and profit we're making from the website. It's a 10-fold increase from the same level of traffic and Azure provides the foundations for this improvement.”

Morgan Jamison, Head of Retail Marketing, Protyre.

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Evertime Pay & Bill software managing payroll for 8,000+ people every week

Evertime demo screenshot 1
Evertime demo screenshot 2
Evertime Logo Microsoft Azure Logo

In any given week, The Eden Group processes around 8,000 timesheets on behalf of recruitment agency clients who outsource their back office paperwork to the company or who use The Eden Group’s application, Evertime, to do the work themselves.

Evertime is a cloud-hosted application that lets a recruitment agency manage all their candidates, placements, rates, timesheets, expenses, approvals, margin and commission calculations and end user invoicing. It’s all managed through a workflow engine and integrates with external services, such as payroll systems.

Evertime is designed, developed and supported by profound on Microsoft Azure.

“We have aggressive growth plans. We want to go from 80 to 200+ clients and the Azure platform, with Profound managing the application side, can get us there ”"

Paris Sheppard, Co-founder, Evertime.

G-Paws An engaging social network for pet owners with Internet-of-Things pet tracking technology.

G-Paws screenshot 1
G-Paws screenshot 2
G-Paws screenshot 3
G-Paws screenshot 4
G-Paws screenshot 5
G-Paws screenshot 6
G-Paws Logo Microsoft Azure Logo

G-Paws lets you track and share your pet’s adventures. Profound designed and developed the end to end platform from mobile network integration to engaging social experience, all hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Bringing together tonnes of data from customer’s devices, tracking pet’s whereabouts and plotting Bing Maps of activity to help pet owners compete, share and find new friends online.

“profound worked with us to take G-Paws from the germ of an idea into a working, scalable social platform that is used by tens of thousands of users around the globe including integrations with and retail deals with Telcos and major retailers around the globe.

Their focus on solving the business challenge by applying a consultative approach, challenging our assumptions and providing smart design and technology solutions all as part of a single seamless team was fundamental to getting this "Internet of Things" business up and growing.”

Dave Evans, CEO, G-Paws.

hybris Creative partner for core hybris R&D projects

Hybris Groceries demo
Hybris Groceries demo
Hybris Groceries demo
Hybris Groceries demo
Hybris Public Sector demo
Hybris Telco demo
Hybris Telco demo
Hybris Telco demo
Hybris Media Hub demo
Hybris apparel demo
Hybris apparel demo
Hybris Logo

profound first encountered hybris in 2007 during a Javelin led project where profound were the creative partner. hybris were suitably impressed with our efforts and asked us to partner with them to improve the proposition of their pre-sales demo’s.

Since then, we have supported hybris with the design of many pre-sale opportunities, four successful Forrester Wave showcases and a number of exciting R&D projects.

hybris value our “real world” experience and trust that we will always deliver great ideas and solutions which will excite their clients and aid with demonstrating the potential of their platform to retailers.

“Since 2009 we have greatly valued the contribution of the profound team as they continue to support us with both the design and build of our range of omni-channel retail showcase software products.

The profound team have excellent insights into e-commerce and we have full confidence in them to not only bring innovative and saleable ideas to life through their talented design team, but to also provide us with excellent front end development expertise.”

Stefan Schmidt, VP of Product Strategy, hybris.

KAZAM Mobile Developed bespoke customer & device management platform

Kazam website
Kazam Logo Microsoft Azure Logo

KAZAM is a Great British start-up in the mobile phone handset business. Their differentiated value proposition focuses on customer service through enhanced warranty, screen protection insurance and App-based rescue services.

KAZAM’s customer & device management platform and API runs on Microsoft Azure storage and API Management. It acts as the hub driving web self-service, email nurture campaigns, in-app experiences & customer service.

WE Fashion Design of new responsive e-commerce fashion website

WE Fashion website
WE Fashion website
WE Fashion website
WE Fashion Logo Demandware Logo

WE Fashion selected profound as their Creative Partner to work with Javelin Group (Europe’s leading e-commerce systems integrator) on the design of their new e-commerce website (running on demandware). The key requirement of this project was to lay the cornerstone for WE fashions vision of becoming a truly omni-channel brand, enabling customers the opportunity to shop ‘anytime, anywhere and on any device’.

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Pentura Governance, Risk & Compliance management portal to streamline management & reporting of GRC processes

Pentura dashboard
Pentura Logo Microsoft Azure Logo

Pentura is a market leading IT Security Consultancy Services company in the UK.

Through highly acclaimed Penetration Testing, Data Leakage Prevention and Governance, Risk & Compliance services they help clients mitigate risks surrounding business critical and sensitive data.

profound provide software development services to Pentura, helping build secure systems that streamline processes, deliver insight into risks and workflow to manage and mitigate third-party compliance management.

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