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Bringing together a range of customer experience, technical and marketing expertise, at Profound we help you develop a digital strategy through our consultancy service. Our strategic consultancy work covers a wide range of areas from customer experience design innovation to troubleshooting IT challenges to formulating content marketing strategies. Whatever your digital problems, we can help you find digital solutions. The beauty of our digital strategy consultancy is that when it comes to implementing the ideas you can use us, your in-house team or existing agencies.

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strategy design

We use a variety of models when it comes to outlining digital strategies but broadly speaking we start by analysing the current situation, understanding the objectives and then outlining how we achieve the objectives through various tactics. We then outline what would be the benchmarks to measure if the strategic objectives have been achieved. This strategic design is conducted through a number of guided workshops that ensure the focus on the digital strategy ties back to core business objectives.

strategy implementation

Digitally transforming companies need more agility for customer experience across different devices and channels. Working with Digital, Marketing and IT heads we help re-architect, implement and future-proof the website, content and eCommerce systems that enable faster time-to-value.

We can work closely with your in-house teams and agencies to ensure all facets of the business are included at relevant stages of implementation.

Our range of technical, creative and marketing skills brings an understanding of how tactical or strategic changes can impact the different business areas to ensure a smooth implementation.

strategic reporting

Using a variety of tools to measure digital success, we can provide reports that are a meaningful analysis of your data. Often when it comes to reporting internally, figures and numbers are floated around with very little explanation of what that means in real-terms for the business. Our approach is less focused on providing heavy numerical or graphical data reports, but rather digestible analyses with relevant suggestions on how to influence change on these metrics and what this would mean at a business level.

our support offering

Much of our strategic work is delivered as a one-off consultancy exercise, with options to progress with our implementation services if required. However, if you are considering a new digital project (or trying to rescue a failing project) then a strategy session might be the right starting point to get on the path to success.

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