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Orchestrating a good user experience leads to higher conversions, greater user engagement and builds brands. Whether you are at the start of your journey and are wanting to learn about your customers with some persona research, or already have user journeys mapped out and need to implement them, we can lend our expertise. Here at profound we are annoyingly passionate about user experience and our creative team have worked on with some big brand names on their UX, such as Majestic Wine, WE Fashion and B&Q.

Like all of our projects, our user experience work takes a planning-led approach. We start with workshops, build out wireframes and then produce designs. This helps ensure that the design time is well used and the end results match the brief. Our process means that your end product is structured to achieve it’s goals – from a single web page to a full website or mobile application.

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The great thing about technology is that it is constantly improving. The worst thing about technology is that it is constantly changing. Good thing we keep up-to-date on all the latest happenings. This means that if you want to ensure your website, app or software performs at its best (and improves) – we can help. From on-going support on a retainer basis, to ad-hoc updates when you need them – our reliable support team is here.

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