Digital Impact: going headless in 2020

Profound is hosting a free event at London’s Crowne Plaza Hotel between 10am and 2pm on Thursday 20th February 2020. The event is designed for digital, marketing and IT heads who understand that customer experience today requires marketing systems that are fit for purpose. Modern, futureproof systems have emerged in the last 3 years that are transforming the way enterprise digital delivery is handled.

The significance of CX

In the last 20 years, CX has risen to the top of marketers’ priority lists for three key reasons:

More digital natives: Digital natives have high standards and expect a lot from brands. Poor CX can lose you customers before you’ve had a chance to interact with them.

More devices: The average digital consumer has 3 devices, adding pressure for companies to maintain a high level of CX across different platforms. It is important that digital solutions can accommodate all devices.

Disruptive brands: Small, new brands, once considered a minor threat, are now able to devour established brands by constantly updating and adapting their CX.

Ensuring CX informs your digital strategy

When optimising your digital experience, you should look beyond functionality and instead consider CX as a differentiator for your brand. Leaders in this area combine CX and UX to create the most relevant, consistent digital experiences.

Marketers know the value of customer retention and companies with the strongest CX across all channels retain an average of 89% of their customers. Heightened expectations and increased competition mean CX needs to be leveraged to improve brand loyalty.

At Digital Impact, our experts are going to highlight why CX decision making should be informed by customer insight and focus on the areas of the customer journey that matter most. Our aim is for attendees to go away understanding why CX should be a fundamental part of every business’s strategy.

Using digital architecture to perfect CX

So in today’s world, it’s vital that CX design is not left to chance. Digital architectures, such as a headless CMS (content management system), are the most efficient way to ensure that your digital experiences are brought to life.

Many brands currently rely on outdated digital architectures that sometimes struggle to meet the demands of a modern multichannel world. This can lead to hours of wasted time by marketers and IT teams. The solution? Implementing new best-of-breed technologies.

Digital Impact is about showing businesses the myriad of options that the new world of microservices has to offer them. The next step is to help them make the most of each opportunity. Our team of experts will be highlighting the latest digital architectures and the next steps for implementing them in your business.

Guest speakers

The Profound team are going to be joined by professionals from two of our trusted partners, Contentful and CommerceTools . They’ll outline some of the latest applications of Headless digital architectures in marketing and e-commerce.

Commercetools helps businesses build the commerce architectures of the future with the most flexible, cloud-based commerce API solution on the market. They will be discussing why an increasing number of large organisations are shifting to headless ecommerce tools.

Contentful is a leading Content as a Service (CaaS) solution provider. Their market-leading content layer has revolutionised how quickly and efficiently enterprises can deliver their digital experiences. At Digital Impact, they will answer questions about the endless possibilities of Headless CMS.

Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Join us to learn more about how you can optimise your digital platforms to maximise your CX.

Register now to reserve your free space at our event, 10am – 2pm Thursday 20th February 2020 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, London. Places are currently limited, so you will be notified if your reservation has been successful.

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